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Jaw- Droppingly Delicious * 100% All-Natural * Michelin Background Chef-Curated SmallBatches * Artisanal * Hand-Crafted in NYC * 100% Plant-Based, Zero Nasties/Additives

100% Natural (Restaurant-Grade) FRESH -> Chimi-Green-Sauce!

( Plant-powered, real ingredients, and ultra-versatile, our Chef-curated sauces aren't anything you've tasted )

100% Natural (Restaurant-Grade) Chili-Crisp-Sauce!

( For all those clean, delicious food-obsessed and health-conscious, we've worked alchemy for you. Exclusively made with sustainably sourced all-natural ingredients )

  • Sunday morning means added fresh flavors to my breakfast. Sauce Up's is the way to go to make breakfast unforgettable!

    -Emily P-

  • This really is some of the best sauces on the planet. The flavor is incredible! I put sauce up's on everything I eat, on my rice, steak, eggs, I don't care! It's so delicious that I instantly fell in love. I am so happy that I found this product. I couldn't ask for anything better !

    -Kyle H-

  • This was my first time having Chimi-Green and I loved it. I can't image a food that wouldn't go well with it. The flavor is better than any salsa or dressing I've ever had. I've been a vegan for almost 4 years and I'll definitely be adding this sauce to my daily meals. They spicy chimi-green is my favortie one as it combines the perfect blend of flavor and spices. Sauce up made a customer for life today. Thanks you guys for opening a new world of flavor in my life.

    - Chris@ CrispyMusic-

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