Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ'S )

What are Sauce Up sauces?

We’re a plant-based creative food brand based in NYC, cooking up a flavor revolution. Created by a NYC Michelin-Starred background Chef, the husband & wife team.

What is important to your brand?

Clean eating, whole body love, a celebration of life, and care for our planet. We believe in making foodie experiences part of your everyday, with premium quality sauces that are good for your gut, immune system, and entire mood.  

How & where do you make your sauces?

Each of our sauces is freshly hand-made in small batches in our own New York facility. It’s important that we know exactly what goes on and how it goes in, for safety, quality, and guaranteed body love. You will taste the difference!

Are your sauces Vegan-friendly?

100% and always! Our sauces are fully plant-powered, non-GMO, and have no artificial additives and preservatives—100% all-natural goodness!

Are Sauce Ups gluten-free?

Absolutely! Our sauces have no traces of wheat, barley, rye, or any other pesky gluten.

Are Sauce Ups Kosher?

We are not certified Kosher.

How should I store the sauces?

Our Chimi-Green-Sauces are perishable products. Once opened, we absolutely recommend giving them a home in your fridge. We always use only the freshest ingredients, so some cold will keep them vital and alive!

Our Chili-Crisp-Sauces are shelf stable products. Once opened, we recommend keeping them in the fridge but serve room temperature.

How long do they last once opened?

Just like kimchi or miso, our CHIMMI-GREEN-SAUCE is a gut-loving, fermented product. Once opened, they will happily last in the fridge for 6 months.

Our CHILI-CRISP-SAUCE products have a shelf life of min of 1 ½ year, unless otherwise noted.

What ingredients are in your sauces?

Our natural, earth-loving, and health-caring ingredients are our pride and joy. To see the exact ingredients of each of our sauces, kindly peek into our shop, next to the product description.

How and where to use Sauce Up Sauce?

Mix well before serving, as you will taste all the flavors settled on the bottom of jar.

All our sauces are ultra-versatile: Free for all!   Use it on EVERYTHING! (Yes, really!  ) for all your favorite dishes. 

Spread it, marinate it, dip in it, dollop it, and drizzle it. From pizzas to pasta, burgers, noodles, tacos, shrimp, rice, steak, stir-fries, veggies, cream cheese, ice cream, and avocado toasts, our sauces bring foodie heaven, all in a mouthful. 

Where is your product made?

All handmade in our own certified facility in Long Island, NY.

Where do you ship?

We ship to anywhere in the U.S. For any order to be shipped outside of the U.S., please contact info@sauceupnyc.com and we will determine your shipping cost for the order.