First thing’s first: these new sauces on the block are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Their vibrant, bursting flavors are the result of a Michelin-Star Chef's obsession—brought to you in jars for the first time ever.

Super Clean, Unbelievable Good For You

Exclusively made from real ingredients grown in the sun (aka. plants), our sauces are jam-packed with 100% all-natural body-healing superfood ingredients.   And what does that all mean? Nourishment to your gut, a boost to your immune system, and glowingly bright vibes with super sparked synapses.

Our Chimi-Green Sauce is Probiotic, and Prebiotic that ferments happily and naturally.  This means special care for gut flora, healing your tummy, protecting your heart health, and supercharging your brain.

Our Chili-Crisp Sauce is packed with antioxidants, minerals, boosting your immune system and mood.

Jaw-Droppingly Delicious Flavor Combos

Chef spent years in culinary developing an exquisite flavor combs offering the best tasting sauces!

Supremely fresh, herby zestiness with silky olive oil and flavor garlic? Yes. A smokey, nutty chili sauce bursting with umaminess and teasing hints of sweetness? Oh yes. From our CHILI-CRISP in extra hot or with white truffle to our classic CHIMI-GREEN, each sauce was developed by a Michelin-starred chef to wow your taste buds.

Absolutely Anyone Can Eat It

Weary about pesky glutens, additives, anything non-plant, or high in carbs? We guarantee our sauces fall into every category: vegan-friendly, keto-suited, fully plant-based, and absolutely non-GMO. We never add anything artificial and promise you nature’s 100% rawest.


Supremely Versatile - A "Use-It-on Everything" Sauce

Our sauces were made to transform your (almost) every meal.

Definitely not just for snack-dipping—drizzle it over pizzas, spread it over sandwiches, marinate your to-be-grilled meats with it, or try it with dessert. Yes, it’s just a condiment—but the way it ups your cooking game will have you converted. 

Drizzle it, spread it, dab it, dollop it on anything and everything.



Handmade in Small Batches by Loving Humans 

Handmade things are the rage for a d*** good reason.

It means real humans are making it—deciding what goes in it and choosing only the best (and most flavorful!) ingredients.

We give every jar of our time and expertise you can taste it.  

Our husband-wife team prepares small batches of each sauce with every caring attention at our own facility in Long Island, NY.