Mission - Smiley Goodness for All!

At Sauce Up, we believe that happiness comes from our health

and everyday foods.  Our mission is to up flavor, up health, and

up foodie experiences that'll make you say WOW when you

taste our sauces.  Our fresh Chimi-Green & Chili-Crisp is ultra-

versatile, and bursting with mind-blowing spice blends packing

a punch of antioxidants, minerals, and fiber.  We are a chef-

driven premium food brand brought to life by a chef with a

Michelin-starred background who is passionate about wowing. 

This vivid green and red sauce is 100% natural, and health-

boosting.  Every jar is made fresh with love and care

in our own facility in small batches.  We love seeing people's

jaws dropping everywhere when they taste our epic flavor

combo sauces - our CHIMMI and CHILI goodness.  A perfect

balance of flavors and textures to boost your health and

mood.  We use nutrient-dense high quality ingredients to help

people become happier by eating clean, delicious, powerfully

good food.  A crunchy, sweet, hot, garlicky, nutty, and savory

Chili-Crisp, and super refreshing, tangy, earthy, herby fresh and

sublimely delicious Chimi-Green will show your body and mind

love while making your tastebuds swoon.  

Drizzle it, spread it, dab it, dollop it on anything

and everything!



Our Story - The Chef & Wife Dream Team!

Mind-blowing sauces aren't just accidents.  With his decade-

plus culinary career at Michelin-starred restaurants such as

Gordon Ramsay, Eleven Madison Park, and numerous Mario

Batali's across NYC to name a few, Chef David's obsession with

Chimichurri & Chili related sauces had an early start.  While

working at an Argentinian restaurant, he encountered a whole

new breed of the sauce;  it was sublimely fresh, hands down

authentic, and just bursting with flavor.  Chef David grew up

surrounded by Asian culture, inheriting a love of chilis, and hot

peppers.  Realizing he couldn't find any super-clean, delicious 

sauces on the market, he knew he had to share his vision with

the world starting out locally here in NYC.  Chef David found the

perfect business partner in his wife Priscilla, who does a ton of

the heavy lifting.  With a background as an NYC specialty food

buyer, she's been reaching out, running test trials, marketing,

and educating - because this sauce is unlike anything you've

tried, believe us.  David began mastering the perfect

combination of organic, nutritious ingredients that came to life

as SAUCE UP NYC.  With the pandemic shutting down

restaurants and depriving foodies of their indulgences, they

knew it was time to bring their sauce obsession to transform

any dining at home with a use-on-everthing sauce everyone can

enjoy.  Beyond their ultra-versatile CHIMI-GREEN and CHILI-

CRISP, the duo is in the middle of mastering new sauces &

flavors with mind-blowing spice blends.  The couple are city

dwellers and lovers of art, music, nature, food, biking, and of

course their most adorable two puppies named Lucky and

Mocha.  The duo is ready to transform your every savory



Instead of using the same o'sugary BBQ sauce or loaded with MSG chili products, Give this vivid green and red versatile sauce a try & taste the difference!   -Chef David -

Flavor UP!  Eat Better!  Feel Happier! & Spread