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Chili-Crisp-Sauce - Original

Chili-Crisp-Sauce - Original

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Chili crisp sauce is a versatile and flavorful condiment/oil/sauce/dressing/marinate/topping! that adds a flavorful spicy kick and crunchy texture to a variety of dishes. 

Our signature ORIGINAL version of chili crisp sauce is made with a blend of Mexican chili peppers, fried garlic, fried shallots, and a chef’s favorite special spice mix for a unique and delicious flavor. The versatility of chili crisp sauce knows no bounds, and it can truly elevate a wide range of dishes with its spicy kick and crunchy texture and robust, spicy flavor make it the perfect topping for dumplings, stir-fry rice, noodles, salads, stuffed mushrooms, eggs, avocado toast, and many more. 

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to get creative with chili crisp sauce and explore its endless possibilities in the kitchen. Whether you're adding a spicy kick to your favorite dishes or experimenting with new flavor combinations, chili crisp sauce is sure to take your palate on a flavorful journey!


Grapeseed Oil, 3 Dried Red Mexican Chilis, Coconut Sugar, Fried Shallot, White Sesame Seeds, Fried Garlic, Himalayan Seaa Salt, Ground Seaweed, Ground Shiitake Mushroom, Umami Powder ( No MSG), Ground Ginger

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